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System Architecture

A Multi-tiered Web Services Architecture
Pathfinder-XML is architected as a multi-tiered distributed application based on industry standard technologies such as J2EE and XML. The system features:
  • Support for SOAP and XML/HTTP
  • Enterprise infrastructure that handles scalability, security, logging, transaction management, and data aggregation
  • A high speed data cache for high performance under load
  • A Dynamic Routing Engine for sophisticated flight routing
  • Access to international flight schedules (passenger and cargo)
  • Real-time flight status, airport status and weather information
  • A hosted implementation (Pathfinder-Web) requiring no integration
The system has been built for scalability, reliability and flexibility by a very experienced team of software professionals


The Pathfinder System Architecture

Client and Service Interfaces
The Pathfinder-XML Web Services architecture supports XML over HTTP and SOAP clients. Developers can implement client interfaces in any language that supports WSDL including Java, C++, Perl and Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET.

In addition, Conducive Technology offers access to Pathfinder functionality via hosted service, Pathfinder-Web. This hosted application provides a compelling example of how the Pathfinder Routing Engine, combined with real-time flight status, FAA airport status, current airport conditions, weather forecasts, flight on-time statistics and more can be integrated into a sophisticated air cargo scheduling and visibility tool.

Developer resources include examples and documentation for integrating SOAP and XML/HTTP, including .NET examples. In addition, customers have access to the Pathfinder-XML client application which implements an HTTP interface for every Web Service and includes links to documentation and WSDL files. This tool will greatly speed your learning curve and improve your development productivity.

Pathfinder Technology

The Pathfinder Service Manager
An integral part of the system, the Pathfinder Service Manager offers the following capabilities:
  • Security - All API calls must present customer-unique credentials in order to eliminate the risk of unauthorized user access. Users can change their passwords at any time, and access detailed transaction information through the Pathfinder-XML report manager. We continuously monitor traffic for suspicious activity. For additional security, Web Services may be accessible over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • Data logging - Each system command executed is logged and available for review as part of the management reporting module.
  • Transaction management
  • Data aggregation (FAA delays, current conditions, weather forecasts, flight statistics, and more)
Dynamic Routing Engine
Pathfinder's dynamic routing technology searches raw flight schedule information and finds shipping paths that meet your needs. Pathfinder is designed to do more than just show valid methods to ship something; it endeavors to find route choices that ensures your shipment gets to its destination in the manner in which you require. Pathfinder provides this flexibility by allowing the developer to specify routing objectives, and then weight and filter alternatives based on needs.

Data Cache
For performance purposes, data is continually accessed and cached into the systems at Conducive Technology, providing immediate access to the relevant, real-time information needed to make decisions. This results in a very fast response under most conditions.

Data Sources
Pathfinder provides access to data via individual commands or combined as part of aggregated commands. Data sources include:
  • Flight schedules (passenger and cargo)
  • Real-time flight status (FAA and GDS sourced)
  • Flight on-time statistics
  • Real-time airport delay status (FAA)
  • Current weather conditions
  • Weather forecasts

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