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Flexible Integration

An innovative, flexible approach to integration

To make the development process fast and easy, Conducive has developed an innovative approach that provides you with a variety of integration alternatives. You can choose the alternative that best fits your budgets and timelines.

Integrate Using Pathfinder-XML
Take advantage of a comprehensive set of API commands that enable you to get the exact pieces of information you want. With Pathfinder-XML, you can use all available commands or focus on a select few. We offer extensive documentation and support to get you started, and the commands are such that development is quick and straightforward. With Pathfinder-XML, you get only the information you want, and you can develop the graphical user interface (GUI) that perfectly suits your organization.

Integrate Using Pathfinder-Web
For those organizations that would like to integrate information into their systems but don’t want to incur the time or expense necessary for custom GUI development, Pathfinder-Web is the clear choice. Pathfinder-Web has “hooks” that enable you to send information to your systems through the click of a button. With Pathfinder-Web, you can dramatically reduce the time needed to get up and running (visit to see the Pathfinder-Web GUI in action).

Integrate Using a Hybrid Approach
Use a “best of both worlds” approach by leveraging those elements of the Pathfinder-Web GUI that you don’t want to develop on your own, and using Pathfinder-XML for those pieces of information where you want control over presentation. This hybrid approach gets you up and running quickly, provides tremendous flexibility, and gives you complete control over budget and timeline decisions.

To learn more, please complete the information request form, or see how you can get started.

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