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To assist developers in integrating Pathfinder-XML into their existing systems, we provide a complete set of tools, systems access, support and other resources. These are accessible through the Resources area of the site and are available to all active API subscribers.

Pathfinder-XML Development Starter Kit

The Pathfinder-XML Development Starter Kit includes everything you need to start integrating Pathfinder-XML into your enterprise. The kit provides development tools and test transactions that help you better understand and test API calls, allowing for quick integration. The Development Starter Kit provides you with:
  • A company account (unlimited users per account) and license to use the API
  • Access to the Pathfinder HTTP Client, a web application that enables developers to exercise each Web Service and view the resulting XML message. Through a simple forms based interface, you have access to every message parameter plus direct links to on-line documentation and WSDL files.
  • Complete API documentation, including a description of each parameter, available via the help system and linked directly to the HTTP Client
  • The WSDL file for each service
  • Getting Started guides that provide step-by-step instructions of exactly how to integrate Pathfinder-XML into your environment
  • Tutorials covering specific topics such as flight status and the dynamic routing engine that enhance your understanding of the underlying technology
  • Account Administration Tools that enable you to manage users
  • Links to other resources (FAQ, tutorials, etc.)
  • Web-based support
  • Developer downloads
  • 5,000 transaction units
  • 2 hours of engineering consultation
  • Access to Pathfinder-Web, our hosted implementation of Pathfinder
We offer a flexible integration approach that gets you up and running quickly, with minimal risk. To learn more about the Development Starter Kit, check the box in the “Get more info” area of the site. Also, see our recommendations for getting started.

Pathfinder-Web Hosted Product
Pathfinder-Web is a hosted implementation of the Pathfinder product and was designed for customers who do not require integration. Since Pathfinder-Web demonstrates the full range of functionality offered by the Pathfinder platform, we also make the product available to Pathfinder-XML customers. Developers can look to Pathfinder-Web for numerous examples of GUI design. Additionally, Pathfinder-Web offers “hooks” that enable you to leverage the Pathfinder-Web GUI in those cases where you don’t want to do custom GUI development. By using Pathfinder-Web to access certain pieces of information, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get up and running, and you can better control your development budgets and integration timelines.

Support & Consulting
Subscribers to the Pathfinder-XML support network have access to numerous resources that can assist in the development process, including:
  • Updates to API documentation
  • The ability to submit a support request directly to our engineering team
  • Extended support (quoted separately)
  • Consulting and Training Services
We offer professional services for customers who would like assistance with the application development process. Whether your needs are planning, design, implementation or training, our expert team of engineers can provide the professional services support you need.


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