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Pathfinder-XML Demo Client

To illustrate the power and completeness of Pathfinder-XML, we have exposed an HTTP demo client that implements one of the many Pathfinder-XML Web Services, in this case an airport information service that incorporates data aggregated from several sources. The detailed information returned includes:
  • Basic Airport Information (name, codes, address, latitude, longitude, etc.)
  • Current FAA Delay Information
  • Current Weather Conditions
  • Extended Weather Forecasts (when available)
From this demo you can select an airport, post a Web Service request, and view both the raw XML data returned and the HTML version of the data created using a stylesheet (the stylesheet itself can also be viewed). This simple demo illustrates how a single Web Service command can quickly and easily deliver relevant, real-time information.

If you would like to learn more about the other Web Service commands available or to see a full demonstration of the API and development tools, complete an information request form and we will contact you by email or telephone.


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