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A Compelling Information Delivery Solution

With Pathfinder, you can enhance the power of your proprietary systems using Web Services.
  • Access some or all of the information you need, via an extensive set of API commands
  • Quickly integrate using standard Internet protocols such as XML over HTTP and SOAP
  • Leverage proprietary technologies built by Conducive
Programmable XML Web Services are the fundamental building blocks in the move to distributed computing on the Internet. Open standards, combined with a focus on communication and collaboration among people and applications, have created an environment in which XML Web Services are quickly becoming the platform for application integration. We believe that flight scheduling and flight information are natural candidates for Web Services delivery, and that the logistics industry will adopt Web Services as the de facto information delivery vehicle in the coming years. As the first solution to delivery comprehensive, dynamic flight information via Web Services, Pathfinder is clearly positioned to be the leader in this space.

Standard Web Protocols such as XML over HTTP and SOAP

Pathfinder-XML exposes useful functionality to application developers through standard Web protocols. Information can be accessed and shared through a variety of individual or aggregated commands, structured such that the information pieces can be tailored to fit an organizationís unique needs. The use of a Web Services architecture insures that you are not locked into a specific platform or development environment. You choose the best approach for your organization or application.

Pathfinder offers its Web Services over two similar but different protocols. The first is XML over HTTP. This allows the user to send an HTTP GET command to Pathfinder, and an XML response will be returned (an approach currently used by The second approach is to use SOAP. Pathfinder describes its SOAP services using WSDL, which can be used by your development tools to create proxy classes that will hide the details of communicating to the Web Service (an approach employed by The choice is yours.

Considerations when choosing XML-HTTP:
  • The model is very simple and proven.
  • HTTP and XML support is widely available across many programming environments and languages. In the event SOAP is not supported in your chosen environment, XML-HTTP is a viable alternative.
Considerations when choosing SOAP:
  • SOAP is convenient when coupled with vendor toolkits. The automatic generation of proxy classes can save development time.
WSDL Support varies across vendors. Pathfinder uses complex types in its schema definition.

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