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Commands and Services

Overview of API Services
Pathfinder-XML is a collection of over 30 Web Services consisting of everything from simple code lookups to real-time flight status to flight schedules and access to the Dynamic Routing Engine. Pathfinder secures and aggregates the best available data from the most respected sources, providing immediate, relevant and reliable information.

The table below provides a general description of Pathfinder-XML Web Services. Each service consists of a variety of individual and aggregated commands, enabling you to integrate as little or as much information as you need. For a detailed description of all available Web Services, please complete an information request form.

Flight Services

Access flight schedules, generate lists of connecting flight options based on a set of powerful routing engine controls, return flight lists aggregated with other data including airport delays, current conditions, weather forecasts, flight statistics and more.

Flight Status Services

Access real-time flight status sourced from the FAA and the airlines via the Sabre GDS.

Airport Services

Get information about airports including basic information, real-time airport delays, plus commands that aggregate airport information with current conditions and weather forecasts. Also includes a set of utility services that find airports based on zip code, region or territory.

Weather Services

Gain access to current conditions worldwide and extended weather forecasts for every U.S. airport.

Airline Services

Access airline codes and other information about all airlines whose schedules are published in our database.

Protocols and Environments

Support for XML over HTTP and SOAP
Pathfinder-XML represents standard Web Services exposed through WSDL, and can be programmatically accessed by any development environment that conforms to Internet protocols such as XML over HTTP and SOAP.

Operating Systems Supported
Web Services offers a platform-independent industry standard communication protocol. This means that developers can use whatever operating system is most appropriate for the application including:
  • Unix including Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
Development Environments Supported
Pathfinder's Web Services architecture can be accessed using any development environment that can communicate via XML. The Pathfinder WSDL supports Java, C++, Perl, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and any other language with support for WSDL. In addition, the Pathfinder-XML Development Resources includes examples of client programs built using XML over HTTP, Java and .NET.


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