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Why Should I Switch to Pathfinder-XML?

Pathfinder Saves Money, Provides Higher Value
Pathfinder is designed specifically to help your business achieve its financial objectives. Pathfinder enables you to leverage your skills and experience to make better, faster decisions, helping you increase operating margins and service levels. And Pathfinder lowers your data acquisition and development costs by using Web Services to reduce your data management burden. Because of our unique delivery model, we are better able to match cost with value provided, and therefore better able to lower your information costs. With Pathfinder, you can save money from day one.

Pathfinder Gives You Better Information
Do you feel you are getting the value-added information you need to make good decisions, and to monitor your shipments to completion?

Would you like to get your information from a single source?

While other solutions provide pieces of information, only Pathfinder pulls it all together into a complete solution.

Factors to Consider

Flight Schedules

Pathfinder includes schedules from over 1,000 passenger and cargo airlines, sourced from OAG.

Dynamic Routing

Pathfinder provides easy direct schedule lookup AND dynamic routing for flights requiring connections. We believe our Dynamic Routing Engine is the most advanced routing solution on the market today, enabling you to quickly find flights that exactly match your shipping objectives.

Flight Status

Pathfinder sources FAA and GDS flight status information, insuring completeness, accuracy and relevance.

Airport Status

Pathfinder aggregates flight schedules with airport status information so that you can identify risks before making a decision.

Weather Information

Pathfinder matches flight schedules with current weather conditions and extended weather forecasts, to further help you identify shipment risk.

Integration is Quick, Flexible and Straightforward
Does your current solution offer Web Services integration? Not only does Pathfinder give you the information you need, you can quickly and efficiently integrate it into your existing systems. With Pathfinder-XML, developers have access to an extensive set of API commands that allow you to get the exact pieces of information you want. You can use all available commands, or you can focus on a select few. We also offer the Pathfinder-Web GUI for those occasions when you would like to integrate information into your systems but donít want to incur the time or expense necessary for custom GUI development. Compared with the alternatives, no other solution can get you up and running as quickly or as easily.


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