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Weather Information

Weather is a very important part of any shipping decision. Nothing can divert a shipment faster than an unforeseen weather delay, yet getting weather information that fits precisely with scheduling needs can be a difficult, time-consuming task.

Pathfinder-XML offers the ability to consolidate weather information with scheduling choices, enabling users to precisely match the timing of shipments with the timing of expected weather patterns. Pathfinder-XML Weather Services include:
  • Current airport conditions (worldwide)
  • Extended weather forecasts for U.S. airports
Pathfinderís weather Web Services are accessible individually or through a set of aggregated commands, making it easy to display as shown in the sample screen. The Pathfinder-XML API exposes a collection of Web Services API commands that include:
  • Access to METAR reports that provide current conditions and runway group information
  • Weather forecast by weather zone
  • Weather zone access
  • Weather station access
Features & Benefits


Current Conditions

Recognize potential delays before they are reported, so that corrective actions can be taken proactively

Extended Weather Forecasts

Predict problems before they occur, reducing the risk of shipment delays

Aggregated with Airport Information

Enable the display of detailed airport information with a single API call

Aggregated with Flight Result Lists

Include weather forecast warnings on flight list screens, improving your ability to recognize risk


Example of airport information aggregated with weather information (click to enlarge)

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