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Pathfinder-XML Product Overview

What is Pathfinder-XML?
Pathfinder-XML is a Web Services API that provides critical information for making and monitoring air cargo routing decisions. Going far beyond the limited scheduling solutions to which you’re accustomed, Pathfinder-XML delivers the dynamic information you need to make the most of your extensive shipping expertise, while enabling you to leverage the investment you’ve made in your existing information systems.

With Pathfinder-XML, you get access to:
  • Flight schedule services
  • Flight status services
  • Airport services (including real time delay info)
  • Weather services (weather forecasts and current conditions)
  • Flight statistics
All of the above services have been enhanced to meet the specific needs of shippers. We aggregate information from multiple data sources, much of it real-time, so that you get what you need for quick, optimal decisions. Plus, with sophisticated technology in the form of our Dynamic Routing Engine, high performance data cache and administrative tools, we provide the comprehensive information and processing services that you need but may not have the time or resources to develop in-house.

Pathfinder-XML gives you:
  • Essential air cargo information and visibility, through one integrated information source
  • A vehicle to enhance the power of your existing systems, while decreasing data and development costs, through Web Services integration
  • The tools to improve operating margins, decrease problem resolution costs, and improve customer service levels
Web Services Implementation
Pathfinder-XML is implemented as a collection of Web Services that are quickly and easily integrated into your existing enterprise systems. Representing the future of distributed enterprises, Web Services offers distinct advantages over previous development approaches. Learn more about Web Services, what they are and the business case driving the technology.

Return on Investment
Pathfinder-XML enables you to enhance your service and profit objectives, by delivering information that allows you to make the most of your skills and systems.
  • Reduce the time it takes to make decisions
  • Lower decision risks with relevant, real-time information
  • Increase operating margins through optimized routing decisions
  • Decrease shipment monitoring costs
  • Decrease problem resolution costs
  • Increase customer service
  • Quickly integrate into existing proprietary systems
  • Displace other, more expensive data sources
  • Leverage Conducive’s on-going development efforts
Learn more how Pathfinder can provide a fast ROI to your organization.

Get More Information
To learn more about how to get the most out of air cargo using Pathfinder-XML:

Pathfinder-XML Demo



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