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Getting Started

With Pathfinder, you can be up and running very quickly while taking very little risk. We’ve gone to great lengths to develop an integration approach that is straightforward and flexible, so that you get the information you want, delivered in the manner you want it. We’ve also reduced the financial barriers to getting started, so that you don’t have to risk significant amounts of time and money before you’ll know whether you have a solution that meets your needs.

Our recommended process for getting started consists of the following:

1) Sign up for a Pathfinder-Web Evaluation Account – We offer a free 14-day evaluation of Pathfinder-Web, our hosted Pathfinder implementation. Pathfinder-Web demonstrates the full range of functionality offered by Pathfinder, and provides numerous examples of GUI design. In fact, Pathfinder-Web is so complete that some customers may decide to leverage the Pathfinder-Web GUI for certain pieces of information, and use the Pathfinder-XML API commands for other pieces of information. Our innovative approach to integration makes this possible.

2) Begin API development by purchasing a Development Starter Kit – For less than $2,000, developers can begin the process of integrating Pathfinder-XML commands into their existing systems. Our Development Starter Kit includes everything you need to start integrating Pathfinder-XML into your enterprise, including a bucket of transactions that can be used to test API calls. Our experience has been that each Web Service can be prototyped in an afternoon and placed into production in less than a week, depending on the level of GUI design required.

3) Sign a Pathfinder Service Agreement – For when you have completed your development work and are ready to go into production. We offer a series of affordable monthly subscription plans, with pricing based on expected usage.

To learn more, please complete the information request form, or contact us by telephone.


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