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Flight Scheduling

Pathfinder’s flight scheduling technology offers a superior means of finding the best flight for a particular application, saving you time and improving the quality of service you deliver to your customers. Our Web Services delivery offers many advantages over alternative solutions.

Direct Flight Schedule Lookup
Direct flight schedule lookup provides a fast and cost effective means to search for direct flights over a specified time range. Pathfinder-XML offers a far superior and more accurate means of accessing up-to-date flight schedules. In addition to having more up-to-date schedules, we’ve exposed Web Services that empower you to find the best flights through a flexible set of search options.

The Pathfinder-XML flight schedule services offer:
  • Worldwide passenger and cargo airline flight schedules
  • Multi origin/destination airport search in a single command
  • Flexible search criteria including equipment filters, airline filters, carrier type filters, and more
  • Aggregated commands that combine flight lists with airport delay and weather information
  • Flight on-time statistics
Advanced Dynamic Routing Engine
For those instances when a direct flight is not available or does not meet your scheduling needs, a "route" that involves one or more connections must be generated. Finding routes that meet your objectives is a very complex process that needs to consider a variety of factors. Complicating matters is the fact that some of the data needed for a routing decision is static, while other data needs to be dynamic to make an informed decision.

At the core of the Pathfinder platform is the Pathfinder Routing Engine, enabling you to identify and optimize decisions based on your shipping objectives. We believe it is the most powerful and comprehensive flight routing engine available. A complete set of flight scheduling API commands puts the power of our flight schedule database and advanced dynamic routing engine within your enterprise. With the dynamic, user-controlled Pathfinder Routing Engine, you can control a number of weighted parameters and filters which dynamically influence the result set. Based on your objectives, the routing engine "weighs" those factors that are important in the route selection process and filters flights according to settings. The resulting flight list includes a "score" for each route, with a higher score indicating a route that better matches your needs relative to other alternatives. Thousands of flight options are considered before the results list is presented, insuring that you have an exhaustive list of alternatives from which to choose.

If you would like to learn more about our routing engine technology, visit the Technology section of the site.

Reduce Your Risk
Pathfinder-XML enables you to minimize the risk of late arrival and missed commitments through:
  • Simultaneous consideration of multiple origination/destination airports
  • Routing to or away from certain airports
  • Use or avoidance of certain carriers
  • Consideration of connection times
  • Identification of equipment needs
  • Numerous other factors
Only with Pathfinder-XML scheduling technology can you identify those factors that most effect your shipment and optimize your search such that the results that are returned are the results that are important to you.

Features & Benefits


Comprehensive Airline Schedules

International passenger and cargo flight schedules from OAG, includes information for over 1,000 airlines worldwide

Direct and/or Connecting Flights

Unparalleled search flexibility. Very fast and precise direct flight lookup, plus the ability to perform dynamic routing when scheduling needs are complex

Dynamic Routing

For complex routing requirements. The most sophisticated dynamic routing engine available, enables users to define shipping objectives and tailor itineraries to needs.

Carrier Preferencing

Bias results toward carriers with preferred arrangements, or away from carriers whose performance is suspect

Equipment Information

Filter or sort by equipment type thereby improving the relevance of the flight list

Aggregated Airport, Weather, Flight Statistics Information

Quickly view scheduling risks through aggregation of airport delays, current conditions, weather forecasts and flight statistics

Flight Connection Logic

High degree of control over connection logic, including MCT rules


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