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Pathfinder-XML is implemented as a collection of Web Services that are quickly and easily integrated into your existing enterprise systems. Representing the future of distributed enterprises, Web Services offers distinct advantages over previous development approaches:
  • Enables systems to interact with one another more easily than before
  • Prevents vendor, system or software lock-in
  • Leverages existing technology investment
  • Gains access to better sources of information and intelligence
  • Provides a highly productive development environment
  • Eliminates the need to install or maintain the services on your systems
What is “Web Services”?
Web Services is a method for distributed systems to communicate with one another and to invoke processes and share data across enterprises, using the Internet. Based on broadly supported industry standards such as XML and SOAP, Web Services is supported by a variety of hardware and operating systems including Windows, Unix and Linux, and by a number of development environments including J2EE and Microsoft .NET. Web Services is quickly evolving as the preferred method to solve communications challenges among systems. Applications are constructed using multiple XML Web Services from various sources that work together regardless of where they reside or how they were implemented.

The Business Case for Web Services
The business case for Web Services is compelling, as it offers systems developers a way to improve financial performance by accessing value-added solutions that would be impractical to develop in-house. In comparison to the traditional licensed software model, Web Services offers much more:
  • Leverages the existing investment in hardware and software
  • Easy to integrate
  • Supported by all major hardware and software vendors, preventing vender lock-in
  • Allows for incremental deployment of new features, greatly reducing the risks typically associated with software installations
  • Enables those offering information services to become highly specialized, to develop sophisticated solutions that can be made available for integration
  • Minimal investment in new technology and, typically, low or no license fees
While EDI messaging has been a preferred method of communication in the past, the spread of Web Services is expected to quickly accelerate in the future, as Web Services offer many advantages over EDI:
  • EDI is much more complex than Web Services
  • EDI messages travel over expensive private networks, Web Services use the Internet greatly reducing the cost
  • EDI messages are difficult to validate and translate as compared to Web Services
Web services are fundamentally simpler, more affordable and more open than traditional EDI messaging implementations thereby reducing development and maintenance costs. Please visit our Resources section if you would like to learn more about Web Services.

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