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Airport Services

One of the best sources for possible air cargo problem spots is airport information. The FAA provides real-time airport weather and delay status, along with explanations of why delays are occurring (when applicable) and when such delays are expected to end. If your shipment is in transit or you need to make a next-flight-out decision, knowing airport status can have a significant impact on your planning.

Pathfinder-XML gathers real-time FAA airport information and consolidates it with flight schedules, and extended weather forecasts, so that you have complete visibility into current and potential airport delay problems.

The Pathfinder-XML API exposes a collection of airport status Web Services API commands ranging from:
  • Code conversion services (IATA and ICAO)
  • General Airport Information (address, name, latitude, longitude, etc.)
  • Airport location services, enabling search by region, territory or postal code for airports within a specified distance
  • Real-time airport delay status (FAA sourced)
  • Current weather conditions and extended weather forecasts
  • Aggregated airport information that combines airport details, delay information, current conditions and extended weather forecasts
This data is made available via a series of Web Services commands that enable developers to access airport information individually or through the use of aggregated commands. Our aggregated commands combine general airport information with real-time delay, current conditions and extended weather forecasts, greatly simplifying the task of displaying the important data on a single screen.

Real-time airport delay information is available for all U.S. airports and includes the following status information:
  • Airport Closure
  • Ground Stop
  • Ground Delay
  • General Arrival Delay
  • General Departure Delay
Features & Benefits


Real-time FAA airport delay status

Early warning maximizes recovery alternatives

Real-time current conditions for airports worldwide

Gives visibility into potential airport delays worldwide

Extended weather forecasts

Provides early warning of possible airport delays, enables users to identify risks BEFORE making a routing decision (extended forecasts currently available for U.S. cities only)


Pathfinder-XML Demo

Example display of information obtained from an aggregated airport information Web Service (click to enlarge)

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