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Conducive Technology Launches Integrated Air Cargo Flight Schedule, Flight Status and Event Notification Service

Pathfinder, the company’s industry-leading dynamic air cargo scheduling and routing tool, integrates flight status and event notification services into a single information solution.

Portland, Ore. – August 5, 2003 - Conducive Technology Corp., a leader in advanced Web Services-based flight information and decision support tools for the logistics industry, today launched a significant enhancement to its Pathfinder air cargo routing platform. Pathfinder now offers comprehensive flight status, airport status and event notification services, complementing its advanced flight schedule and routing tools. With this latest release, Pathfinder is firmly established as the industry’s leading source for information that shippers need to make and monitor their air cargo routing decisions.

Pathfinder’s event notification services are a suite of flight status and airport status applications that notify users of critical events that may impact delivery. Pathfinder’s flight status solution delivers airline-reported flight information (reported through the GDS) and pilot-based flight information (reported through the FAA), insuring that flight status is accurate and up-to-date. Using a sophisticated triggering technology, Pathfinder provides preference settings that enable users to designate notification via email, pager, or SOAP message. Users can directly control the conditions under which a notification message is sent to a specified device, and can easily integrate messages into an existing application or reporting module.

"The shipping process can be very complex, requiring both decision-making and decision-monitoring,” said Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology. “Without the information and tools to track decisions and insure the successful completion of shipping transactions, logistics professionals can’t maximize profits or provide the level of service demanded by their customers. By using Pathfinder to enhance their skills, logistics professionals can now get more from their air cargo decisions than ever before."

Flight status and event notification services can be accessed through Conducive Technology’s Pathfinder-XML service, which enables users to quickly and cost-effectively integrate information into their existing systems through a series of Web Service commands. Alternatively, users not interested in an integrated solution can access information via a Web browser, through the company’s Pathfinder-Web service. You can learn more about Pathfinder-XML and Pathfinder-Web at and

Conducive Technology Corp. is a software development and information services firm focused on providing innovative technology solutions to the logistics industry. The company’s flagship product, the Pathfinder platform, offers the most complete solution for identifying and managing air cargo scheduling risks. Conducive Technology has broad experience in the airline and travel industries, including development of high-volume e-commerce web sites and web infrastructure for several major airlines. The privately held company is based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit the Conducive Technology website at

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