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Air Cargo Industry’s Leading Flight Scheduling Tool Adds Scheduling and Dynamic Routing Enhancements

Conducive Technology’s Pathfinder Routing Engine combines expanded schedule information with unparalleled flight routing power, elevating the value of flight schedule information.

Portland, Ore. – July 7, 2003 - Conducive Technology Corp., a leader in advanced Web Services-based flight information and decision support tools for the logistics industry, today released significant enhancements to its Pathfinder Routing Engine, the industry’s most advanced solution for air cargo routing challenges.

Pathfinder’s latest release enables users to perform rapid searches of direct flight schedules, as well as more complex routing searches when direct flight alternatives are not available. In addition, users can now specify expanded time frames to search, instead of exact departure and arrival times, ensuring the greatest degree of schedule comprehensiveness and flexibility. In combination with Pathfinder’s extensive airport, weather and flight history information, the Pathfinder Routing Engine insures that users get unparalleled value from their flight schedule decisions.

"These enhancements to the Pathfinder Routing Engine demonstrate our commitment to providing an unmatched toolset for shippers looking to maximize their considerable skills,” said Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology. “By enabling users to quickly identify their objectives and retrieve the routing options they need, Pathfinder can save significant time, increase customer satisfaction, and remove unnecessary costs from the transportation chain."

As the importance of air cargo grows within the logistics industry, comprehensive scheduling information becomes increasingly vital to reducing the time and cost of air shipments. Scheduling requires a great deal of expertise, as it remains one of the most important factors in meeting service commitments and financial objectives. However, many scheduling decisions are based on incomplete information from outdated flight guides or cargo discs, and most scheduling solutions provide limited routing capabilities at best.

Pathfinder solves these shortcomings by combining comprehensive, relevant information with dynamic routing, all in a single, complete solution. Starting with worldwide passenger and cargo flight schedule data, the Pathfinder Routing Engine provides direct flight schedules as well as advanced connection logic and filtering capabilities necessary for satisfying more complex routing requirements. Pathfinder enables users to specify preferences and constraints for carriers, airports, equipment, connection rules and more. This ensures that exact shipping objectives are accurately and efficiently satisfied. In addition, Pathfinder provides real-time and historical information that may influence shipment risk, such as airport delays, weather forecasts and flight on-time performance. Armed with this information, users have a complete view of scheduling risks BEFORE they make a final shipping decision.

Conducive Technology’s advanced Pathfinder Routing Engine is the foundation of the company’s Pathfinder-XML and Pathfinder-Web scheduling tools. Pathfinder-XML is a Web Services API designed for logistics management companies with proprietary systems, supply chain solutions providers, third-party independent software vendors and integrators, airline cargo operators and corporate logistics groups. Pathfinder-Web is a hosted implementation of the company’s Pathfinder platform, requiring only a Web browser and an Internet connection. You can learn more about Pathfinder-XML and Pathfinder-Web at and

About Conducive Technology
Conducive Technology Corp. is a software development and information services firm focused on providing innovative technology solutions to the logistics industry. The company’s flagship product, the Pathfinder platform, offers the most complete solution for identifying and managing air cargo scheduling risks. Conducive Technology has broad experience in the airline and travel industries, including development of high-volume e-commerce web sites and web infrastructure for several major airlines. The privately held company is based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit the Conducive Technology website at

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