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Conducive Technology Introduces Pathfinder-XML

Pathfinder-XML enables advanced logistics systems providers to integrate Pathfinder’s powerful information and routing capabilities into their own proprietary applications.

Portland, Ore. – May 13, 2003 - Conducive Technology Corp., a leader in advanced flight information and decision support tools for the logistics industry, today announced the release of Pathfinder-XML, a Web Services API and toolset designed to meet the needs of advanced logistics systems providers. Built on the company’s proprietary Pathfinder technology platform, Pathfinder-XML delivers the comprehensive, relevant information needed by logistics professionals, while simultaneously lowering an organization’s data purchasing and data management costs.

Much more than flight schedules, Pathfinder-XML delivers passenger and cargo flight schedules, real-time airport status, current conditions, weather forecasts, flight statistics and more, all through a series of individual or aggregated commands accessible using standard Internet protocols such as XML over HTTP and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Developers can program in the language most appropriate for their application including Java, C++, Perl and Microsoft’s Visual Studio .Net. The powerful, dynamic routing engine at the heart of the Pathfinder platform enables users to identify and optimize decisions based on shipping objectives. With Pathfinder-XML, logistics professionals make intelligent, informed routing decisions, faster and easier than ever before.

"There are a number of powerful logistics applications available today that provide critical pieces of the logistics equation," said Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology. "By employing Pathfinder-XML to integrate sophisticated scheduling, routing and decision support tools into these applications, systems developers can add even greater value to their existing and future platforms. Using Web Services, developers can quickly integrate Pathfinder-XML into their environment without dependencies on any single platform or technology."

Pathfinder-XML is designed for logistics management companies with proprietary systems, supply chain solutions providers, third-party independent software vendors and integrators, airline cargo operators and more. The rich set of API calls enables each developer to choose the optimal approach to developing an application suited to specific requirements. To assist developers in integrating Pathfinder-XML into their own systems, Conducive Technology provides a comprehensive set of tools and services as part of a software development kit. Documentation, consulting, training and support services are also available. You can learn more about Pathfinder-XML at

About Conducive Technology
Conducive Technology Corp. is a software development and information services firm focused on providing innovative technology solutions to the logistics industry. The company’s flagship product, the Pathfinder platform, offers the most complete solution for identifying and managing air cargo scheduling risks. Conducive Technology has broad experience in the airline and travel industries, including development of high-volume e-commerce web sites and web infrastructure for several major airlines. The privately held company is based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit the Conducive Technology website at

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